MARCH 10, 2023
Industrial software solutions for achieving technological independence of the oil and gas industry
Dear colleagues!

We continue to introduce you to the program of the National oil and gas forum - 2023. Today we bring to your attention the session «Russian Fuel and Energy complex: from words to deeds, industrial solutions in the field of software for achieving technological independence», which will be held on April 26, from 13:00 to 14:30.

The key issues for discussion will be:
  • search for «critical pain points» in the digital development system of the Russian oil and gas industry;
  • introduction of new tools for the development and promotion of domestic specialized software;
  • formation of new regulatory mechanisms to ensure the technological independence of the industry.

You can learn more about the program of the National oil and gas forum in 2023 on the official website of the project www. or send a request by e-mail: