December 29, 2022
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
Dear colleagues!

Please accept our sincere congratulations on the upcoming holidays – New Year and Christmas!
Thank you for being with us this outgoing year! Today, it is more important than ever to consolidate the efforts of all energy market participants, the joint work of companies, the state, the scientific and expert community in order to find answers to new challenges and make the most effective use of the opportunities that open up. In the new year, the domestic energy complex is waiting for many important projects related to entering promising sales markets, continuing the modernization of industry enterprises, and the introduction of advanced technologies. The trend towards the development of new fuel and energy sectors, including renewable energy and hydrogen, is still relevant. We are sure that all these factors will be the key to our common success!

Let us wish you stability in the coming year, inspiration in your businesses and endeavors, successful implementation of your plans and, of course, happiness and prosperity! We will be glad to meet you in the new year!

With respect,
Organizing Committee
National Oil and Gas Forum